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Union successfully resolves RailCorp New Year dispute

Dec 16, 2011Update

The RTBU met with RailCorp on Thursday December 8 in an effort to resolve the New Year’s Eve (NYE) rostering dispute prior to a conciliation hearing in Fair Work Australia set down for December 9.

Following negotiations, and consultation with all delegates involved, the RTBU has come to an agreement on NYE rostering with RailCorp for this year only. As a result of this breakthrough, the conciliation hearing was cancelled.

The RTBU has been successful in gaining the following outcomes for its members:

1. Employees rostered to work on 29, 30 and 31 December 2011, in accordance with the Revised Roster, and who were previously also rostered to work on 29, 30 and 31 December 2011, based on the Pre-Existing Master Roster (the Previous Roster), will be entitled to Lift Up and Lay Back penalties calculated from their original sign on and sign off times (under the Previous Roster), to a maximum payment of four hours.

2. The maximum payment of four hours Lift Up or Lay Back will include circumstances where the variance in sign on and sign off times between the Previous and Revised Rosters exceeds four hours.

3. RailCorp will do its best to facilitate shift swaps and other arrangements to allow train crews to exercise their preference for working arrangements or time off on New Year’s Eve.

4. RailCorp will again call for expressions of interest from train crew employees currently not rostered to volunteer for duty on New Year’s Eve. Those volunteering to work on the night will be given work (this may assist in the facilitation of shift swaps).

5. In 2012, RailCorp will work toward the development of an annual baseline timetable that will address future New Year’s Eve train crew working. Once completed, RailCorp, in consultation with the RTBU will work towards the development of New Year’s Eve rosters based on the baseline timetable. RailCorp and the RTBU will commence consultation for future New Year’s Eve rosters no less than three months prior to New Year’s Eve.