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UK sleeper train staff to take action over train management blunders

Jul 25, 2019Update

Caledonian Sleeper train staff are taking strike action after being forced to work in distressing and unacceptable conditions following the failed rollout of the new £150m fleet.

Staff have been facing undue stress and personal health issues as a result of complete managerial incompetence. They are fed up from the lack of staffing, training and overall management. They are constantly being blamed by commuters for issues outside of their control.

Trains have been bombarded with delays and cancellations from signalling issues, administrative errors, cabin leaks and technical faults. The Caledonian Sleeper has even been found to be the least punctual service in the UK!

RTBU Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden says, “it’s disheartening to see that drivers and staff are facing the wrath of angry commuters without having anything to do with the issues on the service.”

“We see this situation constantly here in Australia with a government focused purely on building new rail infrastructure without thinking about how feasible it actually is.”

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