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Aug 6, 2021Employer News Update

Over past weeks Trojan employees have been signing the Majority Support Determination petition (MSD)  and demonstrated their desire for the RTBU Locomotive Division to force Trojan to negotiate an enterprise  agreement. Congratulations to you all comrades, well done!  

We believe we now have clear support for an MSD and yesterday wrote to Trojan Management requesting  them to acknowledge that their employees want an EA and agree to start negotiations without the need to  go through the Fair Work Commission to force them to do so. If Trojan agrees, this will speed up the  process and show that the company has some good will towards their employees and want to do the right  thing. If they do not agree, it will be off to Fair Work.  

As employees come and go at Trojan, we need to ensure all Trojan employees sign the petition to show  your support. If you see any new employees starting, we need their details and we need them to sign the  petition. A strong collective group of union members is vital in ensuring an enterprise agreement is fairly  negotiated. The Petition will stay open until the end of August so make sure that if you haven’t signed it,  you do so now and that you make sure that any new employees sign it to.  

We are aware there may be some misinformation being pedalled by some managers out there regarding  what will happen should you sign the petition. We want to clear this up. 

• You cannot be sacked for signing the petition 

• Any information you provide on the petition is confidential and will not be supplied to anyone  other than the Fair Work Commission if necessary 

• You cannot be taken off the roster or receive less work for signing the petition 

Signing the petition is the only way that will improve your  

chances of getting better wages and conditions. Sign NOW 

Stay Strong and Stay Safe

Download a copy of the Newsflash here.