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Transport for NSW spending big bucks on PR spin

Jan 20, 2020Update

Transport for NSW is pulling out all the stops to get some spin doctors in place as they try to sell privatisation and shiny new toys to NSW taxpayers.

They have advertised 100 new roles this year of which 10 are public relations and communications positions totalling $1.78m. Two of these roles are reported to pay $330,000, a lot of zeros to get driverless Metros over the line.

The hiring spree follows a reshuffle in the operations of the department following a $250,000 6-month position made for Premier Berejiklian’s seniorĀ aide earlier.

“This government’s approach has been to do now and deal later. They’re spending billions in taxpayer money on new transport without fixing existing heavy rail lines and simply cutting public services without consequence. It’s time to face the music and an army of PR doctors won’t be able to spin the delays, disruptions and dismay felt by commuters and staff every day,” said RTBU NSW Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden.

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