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Training and COVID 19

Members will be aware of the requirements of social distancing in the current environment and the two person per cab rule in place at this time.

The impact of these requirements has meant that in-cab training has now been affected in Sydney Trains with training courses extended to allow for compliance with the current requirements.

Unfortunately, NSW Trains has taken a more belligerent approach with NSW Trains seeking a change that would force drivers to handover their trains for training purposes. This has now resulted in conflict with a Regional driver being stood down for refusing to comply, the relieving driver also refused and training for that day was cancelled. Previously the driver would be asked in advance to seek their agreement and if they didn’t agree to hand over their train another train was found, or training postponed until another agreement could be achieved.

Management cites an Information Bulletin stating crew are “requested” to hand over their train is their right to demand a driver does so however, this is “information only” and not a legal directive to do so. TWP 100 clearly states that only train crew are “responsible for the safe operation of trains” and members have clearly expressed their strong view that they alone are responsible for the safe operation of their trains and that their professionalism is once again under attack.