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Train accident victim urges NSW Trains to honour the train guard promise

Jul 11, 2019Update

In 2002, Martin Stewart was in a terrible accident and near death after he fell between the gap on the platform and was dragged under a train for 200 metres.

On top of already being blind, he lost an arm, a leg and part of an ear in the accident, horrific injuries which could have been prevented.

As the train had removed its guards recently, there was no one to hear his cries for help or signal the driver to stop. Now the NSW government has revealed a design flaw in it’s new intercity fleet where guards are unable to check on commuters in the critical 15-second window before the train departs. Martin joined the RTBU in speaking out against this last week.

“We’ve recently seen a string of accidents where guards have been vital to preventing and responding to situations in that short window. We need to do everything to ensure nobody ever has to experience anything like Martin’s terrible tragedy again,” says RTBU Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden.

“There is already enormous pressure on drivers to be wary of situations like these. Removing that guard element in the train’s design altogether will mean that pressure will increase tenfold. The emotional trauma drivers face every day from accidents takes an enormous toll on their health and we need to do everything we can to help them and keep the public safe. It’s a shame that the NSW government does not share these concerns at all.”

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