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Top 1% of Australians earning more than bottom 50% combined

Jan 21, 2020Update

A new report by Oxfam has shown that the top 1% are more than twice as wealthy as the bottom 50% combined.

The top end of town has been raking in the big bucks and dodging tax payments while hardworking Australians struggle to make ends meet.

The lack of wage growth and economic spending from the government has caused every day Australians to be unable to reach above their standard lifestyles.

The rich are just getting richer and that’s not acceptable. Information from the ATO has said that a third of companies at the top have not been paying any tax whatsoever.

“The public can’t be responsible for this government’s budget surplus agenda. Why should we be the income source while all these employers get away scot free? Our country is going through disastrous times and we need these funds now more than ever,” said RTBU NSW Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden.

“It’s appalling to see the priorities of this government. The public deserves better.”

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