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Toilet disgrace

Jun 27, 2011Update

During his recent tour of regional NSW Bob Hayden highlighted some troubling issues for drivers. The awful state of PN locomotive toilets was of concern, particularly for women drivers, more so in regional areas with PN Bulk certainly being identified as having a major problem.

Not only are the toilets used to store tools and spare parts, which is a hazard, they are obviously never cleaned, some have no toilet seats and do not have any toilet paper provided .

Some facilities have no running water in the taps or flushable toilets as the holding tanks are empty.

For drivers working 12-hour shifts functioning toilet facilities are essential. It has been reported that staff members are choosing not to eat or drink during their shifts in order to avoid using the facilities.

The responsibility for keeping the toilets in working order falls to the maintenance staff during servicing.

The RTBU has raised the issue and given photos to PN Bulk,
but to date no formal response has been received.

The RTBU has another meeting with them on Friday June 1 and this will be on the agenda.