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Temporary Removal of Paper Payslips

Members are advised that both Sydney and NSW Trains are temporarily removing paper payslip distribution supposedly because of COVID 19 as these payslips pose a concern from passing through multiple sets of hands. Both rail entities have stated that payslips will only be available electronically until the COVID 19 crisis is over however, one can’t help but be cynical over their motivation as this may have been a reasonable response at the start of COVID but not at this late stage. The perception among members is that both Sydney and NSW Trains are seeking to capitalise on the COVID-19 situation to further their “electronic only” workplace agenda, something for which both entities have been pursuing prior to COVID starting.

This situation has come about as it is necessary for payroll employees, currently working from home, to come into work to process payslips for a couple of days each pay period. It’s worth remembering that thousands of front-line members are providing an essential service to the New South Wales public and performing their roles despite the risks associated with the COVID-19. Many members lack the means or technical expertise required to access a digital payslip and in some regional areas it is next to impossible owing to coverage issues.

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