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Taree Smoko photos

Nov 15, 2019Update

The annual smoko for the Taree Railway Retirement Club was held last week and everyone had a great time.

There were 105 that attended across all divisions with locals as well as visitors from far and wide. There was also a cross section of current and retired employees.

A presentation was made to Mick Kime on his retirement by both the Retirement Club  and the Union.

There was also 5 new life members announced and presented with certificates.

Next years smoko will be on the 2nd of November. All are welcome to attend.

See below for all the photos taken on the day.

Peter Mundey and Mick Kime – Union Plaque.
Dennis Barry and Noel Delaforce.
Presentation of Life Membership to Shane Welch, Dave Kelleher, Lenny Smith, Ken Small and Peter Mundey by Barry Seghers.
Fred Young and Mick Kime. 
Ken Sutton and Darren Amos.
Warwick Lewis, Mick Kime, Terry Lee, Fred Young and John Wilson.
Mick Kime and Warwick Lewis.
Josh Kime, Warwick Lewis, Mick Kime, Fred Young and Peter Mundey.
Josh and Mick Kime.