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Talks Begin on NSW Trains New Regional Diesel Fleet

Sep 18, 2019Update

On Tuesday the 10th September 2019 discussions have begun between Momentum Trains and representatives from the Locomotive Division and Subject Matter Experts from NSW Trains in relation to the user engagement phase for the design of the New Regional Fleet. Transport for NSW has contracted Momentum Trains worth 2.8 Billion AUD to build this new fleet. The consortium, comprising of CAF (a Spanish Consortium which supplied the light rail in Sydney), UGL Rail Services, Pacific Partnerships, CAF Investments Projects and DIF Infrastructure V Cooperatief.

The Rolling Stock is a Bi Mode (electrical/diesel) single design fleet to replace the aging XPT, Explorer and Endeavour Sets. The design is from the Civity Train which is in service in the United Kingdom and Europe. The momentum consortiums role is to modify the train to meet NSW and Australian Standards.

The three designs are:

1. Long Regional (XPT)

2. Short Regional (Explorer)

3. Short Intercity (Endeavour)

At the start of the presentation the consortium was adamant and purposely distanced itself from the New Intercity Fleet. They touted “user centred, not user led” however, by the end of the session it was very clear that this design is heading down the exact same path as the New Intercity Fleet.

It is quite clear that the same features on the New Intercity Fleet are to be included on the New Regional Fleet with In Cab Cameras, Traction Interlocking on crew cab doors, ADSO (Automatic Selected Door Operations), ATP, forward facing camera and IEDR being some of the feature designs for this fleet. Based on these inclusions, it should be more than obvious that NSW Trains will review its current Regional operating model and, thanks to the inclusion of traction interlocking, will exclude PSS’s and Endeavour Guards from the safety critical “Right Away” process during train departures and make this the sole responsibility of the driver.

TfNSW have started enquiring about enabling works at all places which will need up grading, extending, refits or new facilities to accommodate the new rolling stock.

More user engagement phases are being planned for over the next 6 months.