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Sydney Trains Uniform Update

Jan 28, 2014Update

The dispute with management over new uniforms is still ongoing, with participants in the 30-day trial saying it is ‘inappropriate for the type of work being undertaken,’ and reporting numerous issues with various items.

Targets of the heaviest criticism included the shirts and trousers. The shirt was condemned for being thick and restrictive, with material that does not breathe and collects considerable sweat stains. The bright orange collar reflects off the TOS screens, causing a safety hazard, and in some instances melts when ironed. The trousers were also found unsatisfactory: they are poorly made, inconsistently sized, sewn with impractical and unuseable pockets. They are itchy and uncomfortable when driving and too hot to wear even in moderate weather conditions. Female participants said the women’s uniform, particularly the orange belt and wide-brimmed hat, made them feel like school children rather than transport professionals.