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Sydney Trains Drivers Taskforce Update

Jun 12, 2019Sydney Trains

The Locomotive Division wish to inform members of outcomes to the most recent Drivers’ Taskforce meeting held Monday, 3 June at Mortdale Maintenance Centre.

Following initial resolutions to outstanding issues of DRAWA interpretation (lift up and lay back on altered working, Diagram numbers, Master Roster SBY and application of Drivers’ Overtime Bonus), the Taskforce has now shifted focus towards addressing problems relating to payroll.

Supported by months of payroll register data, your Locomotive Division Representatives will meet with Train Crew and Payroll Managers on Thursday, 13 June. Whilst this is only the initial meeting, we are confident that we can work with the business to address and reduce the instances of errors faced by members.

Additionally, the Taskforce will next convene on 6 August to assess and review the first three months of the Driver Support Program.

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One Comment to “Sydney Trains Drivers Taskforce Update”

  • It is interesting that if drivers make a mistake it’s deemed “Time Sheet Fraud” but when ST makes a mistake, it’s an “error”.

    Drivers are not payroll “specialists” any more than payroll and time keeping are “safe working” specialists.

    Drivers are expected to do their jobs with absolutely no errors, is it not reasonable for time keepers and payroll to do likewise?

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