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Sydney Trains Driver Trainers Update

Nov 22, 2019Sydney Trains

The Locomotive Division wishes to provide an update to Members in relation to the ongoing issues and talks concerning Driver Trainers with Sydney Trains.

Another meeting was attended today in which it was clear that Sydney Trains does not agree with our position/view in regards to the application and the payment of Lift Up/Lay Back and Build Up as contained in the Drivers Rostering and Working Arrangements.

The RTBU Locomotive Division reiterated our position that all Drivers including Driver Trainers are covered by the Drivers Rostering and Working Arrangements.

Sydney Trains expressed a view (apparently supported by external legal advice), that the DRAWA allows them to take Driver Trainers “off roster” to deliver training without payment of Lift Up / Lay Back or Build Up. Sydney Trains stated that they believe clauses 3.6.1 (e) & (h) of the DRAWA permit this practice.

The Locomotive Division does not agree with Sydney Trains position.

At time of writing there is agreement between the parties to further meetings next week, in an attempt to reach an acceptable outcome, if possible.

The RTBU Locomotive Division will be seeking our own legal advice regarding this matter, and reserve our right to seek to assistance of the Fair Work Commission to deal with this matter.

Members will be kept informed via future Footplates and should contact Head Office or your local delegates should you wish to further discuss this matter and or share you view on the above.

Click here to download the full Footplate.