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Sydney Trains COVID-19 – Interim Measures Training and Assessing

Apr 9, 2020COVID19 Sydney Trains

The Locomotive Division wishes to advise Members of changes to Training and Assessing (Initial Employment Training and Standards Officer Assessments) in response to issues arising from implementation of COVID-19 Social Distancing recommendations.

The following COVID-19 specific interim arrangements are in place as of 9 April 2020:

  • Temporary removal of separate Route Knowledge and Revenue Drive streams within Initial Employment Training. These streams will be replaced with a blended Route Knowledge/Revenue Drive stream. This agreement sees Trainees on roster with Driver Trainers for a period of 38 shifts (four roster lines/two 19-day months) with a minimum of eight freelance shifts for the purpose of attaining Route Knowledge and conducting Revenue Drives.
  • Suspension of Assessing on “Silver Sets” (C and K type rolling stock). The cab layout of these sets makes observation and intervention impossible while maintaining Social Distancing recommendations. This is also the case for Standards Officer interactions. Trainees are not to drive silver sets while these interim measures are in place. In instances where a Driver Trainer is assigned to work a silver set with a Trainee, the Driver Trainer is to drive the train and the Trainee is to focus on route knowledge.

Interim arrangements will continually be reviewed while in place with commitment to address any issues identified. Locomotive Division representatives continue to meet regularly with Sydney Trains to ensure Members are supported through this interim process and into future.

Training “ambassadors” will be in place at most depots to assist Driver Trainers in gaining a deeper understanding of the changes – this is currently being put in place.

Constant feedback will be integral in assessing if these measures are working. We ask Members to supply any feedback to their local Delegates and Line Managers.

Members will be advised on any and all further developments.