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Sydney Trains’ attack on the Liverpool Garrison

Oct 10, 2019Update

RTBU members from Liverpool Station recently fronted the Fair Work Commission as part of a dispute about the removal of the station’s Garrison.  The Garrison at Liverpool is vital for members job and safety.

Our members rely on the Garrison during degraded mode, out of course running, medical emergencies, and to quickly retreat in instances of imminent danger arising from the public. It is disappointing that Sydney Trains are disregarding our members’ safety concerns and have forced this matter before the Commission.

At the Commission, Sydney Trains argued a jurisdictional point (meaning the Commission has no power to hear the case) that the union’s claim of the removal of the Garrison would immediately create an imminent risk and therefore the matter could not be arbitrated or dealt with by the Commission. The Commission decided to adjourn the case and review Sydney Trains’ jurisdictional claim.

On the same day, His Honour requested a site inspection at Liverpool Station in order for the Commission to see the Garrison in person. At the site inspection, Sydney Trains tried to make it the “Sydney Trains show” and argued:

  • The Garrison is redundant!
  • The Garrison is not safe!
  • If the Garrison is removed the station would aesthetically look better!

On 26 September we received a decision from the Commission confirming that we can put the case to the Commission. This decision is an important win because from now on Sydney Trains cannot argue in future disputes that the Commission does not have the power to address concerns around future risks to health and safety.

The next step in the dispute will be a further hearing before the Commission sometime in November when the Commission will be asked to decide whether the removal of the Garrison at Liverpool Station is unreasonable.

Congratulations to all members who have collectively stood up to management and now preparing to tell the Commission why Sydney Trains’ actions are unreasonable and will impact their safety. Special congratulations to your delegates Richard Tudor, Terry Johnson, and John Steck for standing with the members and being their voice. It is through workplace leaders that our members can be heard!

We ask anyone who wishes to support the members at Liverpool Station and protect their Garrison to sign this petition.

Any questions, queries, or concerns please contact or your local RTBU delegate or your organiser on (02) 9264 2511.

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