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Sydney & NSW Trains Protected Action: Letters of Solidarity from NZ RMTU, ASLEF & JRU

Oct 5, 2021Update

NZ RMTU, ASLEF and JRU have written to pledge solidarity following the protected industrial action taken by NSW and Sydney Trains members.

The NZ RMTU have given their full support to the campaign and congratulate the Members, Division Officials, Organisers, and Delegates on what they have achieved. They celebrated the immaculate organisation the members put into the campaign, especially in the midst of pandemic.

ASLEF also sung praises for the 4-hour stoppage on 28 September, which rounded off the month of action. Their letter highlighted that not only were the actions taken over the course of the month a show of the RTBU’s strength, it was also a great success in showing the power of a highly unionised workforce to new and younger members of the RTBU.

JRU, on behalf of their 20,000-strong membership base, also wrote to us emphasising that, while striking and fighting for our rights is a major part of the action, the RTBU NSW Locomotive Division’s education and organisation of members throughout this period and beyond is key to our big strides forward.

We thank the NZ RMTU, ASLEF and JRU for their well-received letters.

You can read ASLEF’s full letter here, NZ RMTU’s full letter here, and JRU’s full letter here.