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Sydney Metro: the disaster continues

Jul 30, 2019Update

Commuters yesterday were left stranded as an incompetent Sydney Metro stopped all metro trains between Chatswood and Tallawong due to a communications issue.

Replacement buses were put in place with dozens of frustrated commuters waiting in long bus lines for infrequent and delayed buses.

From the 9am start, it took almost an hour and a half for Sydney Metro to get the network back up and even then, services were running at a “reduced frequency”.

Compared to the promise of a service every four minutes, commuters waited almost an hour for services that never came, with one commuter reporting being stuck in the train for 45 minutes.

As expected, the Metro has proven time and time again that it is a complete disaster. We would encourage all members to and send a complaint to the Transport Minister and visit the Our Transport Metro Fails page for more information.