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Submission to ONRSR Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement: In-Cab Video and Audio Safety Recordings

Oct 23, 2020Update

In an ominous sign to all members late last month, ONRSR announced an In-cab audio and video safety recordings Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement, claiming: 

It is timely to consider the value of in-cab video and audio recordings in providing critical information about the in-cab environment in the moments leading to a rail incident on Australia’s rail network. This has been highlighted following recent fatal rail incidents and also in response to a number of ATSB investigations, where this information would help provide investigators and the rail industry with critical information that may help to prevent a similar incident from occurring again.

You can read the full statement here.

National Assistant Secretary – Locomotive Division, our very own Keith McMahon, with the support of the RTBU National Office, has prepared a detailed submission outlining our position as developed and endorsed by the RTBU National Locomotive Division. Members will be kept updated on the outcome of the “consultation” which we hope is not just an attempt by ONRSR to undertake a process to achieve a predetermined outcome on behalf of employers.

Download the full RTBU Submission here.