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Stop union busting and email a senator

Feb 12, 2020Update

The unions proved their strength to everyone last year when they convinced the majority of the Senate crossbench to vote against the Ensuring Integrity bill. We made sure that the politicians and public knew that this was a witch hunt and attacked the basic rights of union members. However, this did not end the fight and the Liberal Government is set to doggedly try and get the bill through Parliament once more.

That’s why we need to band together again. We need you to be loud and clear – we will NOT stand for union busting.

We need you to click here and send an email to our senators to let them know that the working people don’t deserve to suffer and have their unions attacked.

Rather than focus on the terrible tragedies facing the country, this government is determined to play political games and go after everyday people. This is an anti-democratic attack on the working people’s rights, wages, job security and working conditions.

We can only stop this bill in solidarity together.