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Stop Morrison’s attacks on workers

Aug 20, 2019Update

Please see below for an ACTU message regarding the newest anti-union law proposed.


Scott Morrison is trying to convince the Senate to pass his Ensuring Integrity Bill: the most anti-union law we have seen in generations.

Have your say and tell us why this law must be stopped.

This law would give the Liberal Government and big business the power to interfere in how unions run, to seek to disqualify union officers and give them the ability to try to shut down unions and stop them from merging.

By undermining the most basic rights of working people and their unions, this law will make it harder to win pay rises and keep workplaces safe and will make it easier for bosses to get away with wage and superannuation theft.

When unions are under attack, all working people suffer.

This Bill can be stopped. It will be up to Senators from a range of political parties to vote against it. They are now having an inquiry into the Bill. We need you to speak up about why this Bill should be stopped.

Please visit this website by Wednesday 27th August and tell us why this law must be stopped.

From the ACTU