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Southern Shorthaul Railway – EA Update

Sep 13, 2019Update

Yesterday the Fair Work Commission approved your new Enterprise Agreement. The Agreement will operate from the 19th September 2019 and will expire on the 11th September 2023.

The Fair Work Commission had 4 issues with the agreement, which was fixed with the agreement of your Delegates, RTBU, Management and the Fair Work Commission. They undertakings are as follows:

  1. At all stages of the Dispute Settling Procedure, an employee is permitted to have general representation as per section 186(6) of the Fair Work Act 2009
  2. If a Level 1 or 2 is paid less than the Rail Industry Award, the company will pay the employee the gap plus an additional amount of 1.5% to ensure they are better off than the award.
  3. If a part-time employee works more than the agreed hours per fortnight, the company will pay all hours at 170% during that fortnight.
  4. If a casual employee works more than 76hours in a fortnight, then all time worked over the 76hours will be paid at 170% during that fortnight.

The Agreement provides for increases totaling 11.39% over 4 years with 5.39% being applied in the first year, with an additional back pay component being applied from October 2016.

Again, congratulations must go to members who made a stand, voiced their concerns to the Company with their vote and for finally getting an improved offer they deserve!

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