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Southern Shorthaul Railway – EA Update

Jun 28, 2019Update

 After long and frustrating negotiations, and after members voted down the first attempt by SSR management to get their EA through without the Delegates’ support, Locomotive Division members have voted up the latest EA with 84% of votes cast voting yes in favor of the Agreement. 

When the company first sent out a proposed Enterprise Agreement, which was not endorsed by Your Delegates or the Locomotive Division, members overwhelming voted it down (63 to 39). Members were concerned about their lack of work/life balance and the poor remuneration offer from the company. Following this vote, the Your negotiating team took all of your concerns back to SSR and continued to argue and fight for your right to decent conditions and a fair pay increase. Ultimately, major changes to Duty Free Days were made, and more money was put on the table which was what the members had been seeking from day one and which the Company only came to the table on after members had collectively voted against 1 attempt by the company to undermine your negotiating team. 

The Agreement provides for increases totaling 11.39% over 4 years with 5.39% being applied in the first year, with an additional back pay component being applied from October 2016. 

Congratulations must go to members who made a stand, voiced their concerns to the Company with their vote and for finally getting an improved offer they deserve! 

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