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Second Waratah under scrutiny

Aug 12, 2011Update

The second Waratah set has been presented to RailCorp and is currently undergoing testing. Once again the RTBU is finding it difficult to gain access to this set with two reviews cancelled already by RailCorp.

There still remains to be considerable work to be done on the validation of procedures and assessment of train improvements that were supposed to have occurred since the first set was released.

Issue outstanding include:

·         TOM Manual validation

·         Minimum Standards validation

·         Train Preparation review

·         AMF proposed communications

·         Enfield yard consultation

Regular meetings have been held with RailCorp to overcome the windscreen issue, detrainment ramp and other in cab concerns.

A sample of new windscreen glass has been sent out from Switzerland and is being tested by The University of Sydney to see if it is less smoky than the glass in the A3 set. The results should be through in four to six weeks.