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Say NO to the attack on Workers Compensation

May 16, 2012Update

Workers Compensation is about knowing that if you have an accident, your recovery and your family’s well-being will be looked after by decent, fair services.

The proposed changes to Workers Compensation by the O’Farrell Government will strike a heavy blow to injured workers. People who have an accident at work will lose pay while recovering and if they don’t recover within a specified time frame, weekly payments will be cut off and there will be no more help with medical bills.

The changes will also mean that workers will no longer be covered while travelling to and from work.

The ACTU is planning a massive rally outside Parliament House to protest against these harsh and unproductive changes which do nothing to help workers get back on the job safely as soon as they can.

 The protest rally will be held at 12.30pm on Wednesday June 13
outside Parliament House, Macquarie St, Sydney.

The RTBU needs your help to send a message to politicians that Workers Compensation is too important to the health of workers and for the economy to be undermined by cost-cutting.

Get started by sending a message to your local Member of Parliament, signing the petition, and subscribing to breaking news.

For more information got to http://www.nswforall.org.au/