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Saving the Liverpool Station safety booth

Aug 28, 2019Update

Sydney Trains is ploughing ahead with its plans to remove the safety booth from Liverpool Station in a move that may cost over $100,000 in public funds.

RTBU members and NSW Secretary Alex Claassens showed up to Liverpool this month to protest the booth’s removal. They were joined by Shadow Transport Minister Chris Minns and Liverpool councillor Charishma Kaliyanda, who expressed outrage at the costly and pointless plan – “the sort of decision that makes taxpayers rip their hair out”, according to Mr Minns.

Management’s rationale is that they want staff to service customers face-to-face – which they currently do. Sydney Trains also cites the need to make room for more ticket barriers – despite the fact they could easily fit three more by removing a stretch of railing between the booth and the barriers.

The safety booth not only protects staff from violent customers, but also provides shelter in emergencies when the public is threatened with assault, as Liverpool Station is a hotspot for crime and assault. Removing the booth under this vain and flimsy pretence will seriously endanger the safety of the staff and the public.

The visit marked the launch of the RTBU’s campaign calling on Sydney Trains CEO Howard Collins to retain the Liverpool safety booth.

“Sydney Trains should be doing everything it can to improve commuter and worker safety, not putting people at risk in an attempt to cut costs,” said Mr Claassens.

Head to Our Transport to sign the petition.