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Newsflash: RTBU urges Transport Ministers to reject ONRSR’s recommendations

May 19, 2021Update

Transport Ministers from across Australia are meeting next week, and one of the issues on their agenda is the proposal from ONRSR to mandate the use of in-cab recording devices.

Your Union is strongly opposed to this proposal, and we have been fighting it all the way.

This week, the RTBU National Secretary wrote to all State and Territory Transport Ministers, and also to Labor Shadow Transport Ministers, and urged them to reject ONRSR’s recommendations.

In his letter, Mark said that no Australian worker would think constant micro surveillance of their daily tasks, let alone their personal time, is acceptable.

We now await the outcome of the meeting.

The meeting, however, is just one step in the process . If the Minister’s endorse the proposal, it will still needs to be legislated by each State and Territory Government. In that case we will commence full-scale campaigns across Australian to stop this draconian proposal from becoming law.

For further information, read the RTBU Branch Newsflash here.