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RTBU Misrepresented on website

Oct 15, 2019Update

It has been brought to our attention that the RTBU has been represented as being associated with the “Extinction Rebellion” which has gained much attention over the last week.

We advise that the reference to the Rail, Tram and Bus Union was not a reference to the NSW Branch/Locomotive Division of the RTBU.

As soon as we became aware that this appeared on the “Rite On” website, we made enquiries as to how it came to be there, and how it could be removed.

We have performed some research into the “Rite On” website, and the website holds itself out to be the “conservative answer to GetUp!” The administrators of that website put the RTBU up without talking to us and without our consent. It would seem that “RiteOn” is a “troll group” from Queensland taking aim at the Extinction Rebellion.

The reference to the RTBU on the website has now been removed.

The RTBU NSW, nor the Locomotive Division is not an associated group of the Extinction Rebellion.

Members can be assured that the NSW Locomotive Division has not and will not associate itself with any group without Locomotive Divisional Council approval, nor have we been approach or considered to associate with any group which could impact on the jobs of members.

Should members hear or read anything which suggests we support something to do with this group, please ignore such comments as they are nothing more than an attempt to undermine members and the NSW Locomotive Division!

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