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RTBU Locomotive Division Delegate Training

Feb 25, 2021Update

Training Plan: 2021

In 2020 we had big plans for training, and they did not quite eventuate. As a result, with have not been able to commence Level 2 Training and have a number of Delegates/Activist still outstanding for Level 1 Training.

Level One

We will be scheduling 1 Level 1 Training Course during 2021 as soon as we can arrange a minimum number of Delegates/Activist to attend.

Level Two

This training will be designed specifically for Loco as the majority of Loco Delegates and Depot Organisers have already progressed through Level One. 

Key Factors to ensure the training is successful

An essential part for the success of the program is ensuring the Delegates are debriefed following the training.  As delegates are trained their Organiser should also be supported and directed to priorities debrief within a week of the training. 

Two-hour sessions will be held with relevant Organiser prior to training, and they will be invited to attend the debrief to establish clear follow up plans with Delegates.

Draft timetable at time of writing: 

Should any Delegate/Activist who has not already participated or been contacted to be considered for training want to be trained, should contact the Division Office.