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RTBU beats RailCorp’s sectorisation push

Mar 22, 2012Update

The RTBU Loco Division has beaten at attempt by RailCorp to extend sectorisation on the CityRail suburban network.

The RTBU challenged RailCorp in Fair Work Australia over its plan to put a stop to requirements for drivers to be rostered outside their regular sector.

RailCorp submitted that sectorisation would save money. However the RTBU successfully argued that removing the requirement for drivers to be rostered outside their regular sector would breach the current enterprise agreement.

While drivers stick to the same sector most weekdays, the current agreement states that rosters are compiled to ensure sufficient trips are included for each driver in each of CityRail’s three sector to maintain road knowledge across the network.

Fair Work Australia agreed RailCorp’s proposal would breach the agreement.

RailCorp’s attempt to limit drivers to working in only one sector would diminish the skills, experience, knowledge of the network and level of interest and engagement of drivers. The Loco Division will challenge any future attempts to introduce change which is in breach of the Enterprise Agreement.

Members should also enforce their legally binding conditions of employment as provided for in their EA.

FWA sectorisation decision