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Richmond Platform Extension – Members Safety maintained

May 4, 2020Update

The RTBU Locomotive Division have been successful in its attempts to maintain our workplace safety by being involved in a dispute after the installation of new buffer stops on platforms 1&2 at Richmond.

This initiated a change to the 8car marker positioning due to engineering standards. As a consequence of this, there was a safety risk identified if the driver stopped short of the 8car marker. The guard and passengers may have been exposed to not being on the platform after the train had stopped. This was unacceptable for all concerned.

This was placed into dispute by the local Richmond RTBULD Drivers Rep Brett Frame and after a long battle there will be a temporary platform extension installed in April 2020 followed by a permanent platform structure in November 2020. The position of the 8car marker will be reviewed after installation of the temporary platform with a view to see if they can be moved further away from the buffers.

After initially being told there was nothing that could be done as it was already engineered, the local RTBU reps and HSR’s persisted and gained a great outcome for members. The hard work of all is appreciated for maintaining a safer workplace. Well done to all involved.