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Relief for loco drivers

Jul 19, 2011Update

After pressure from the union PN Bulk has agreed to provide in the next few weeks a forward plan for the upgrading of locomotive toilets.

In the meantime PN Bulk have also advised that employees can stop their train at station facilities to use the toilets if required with no negative consequences.

It has also advised that employees have been issued with keys to open some locked station toilets and that a number of other toilets in other locations have also been left open for employees.

Delegates and members are urged to contact their Divisional Organiser if they find that toilets are not available, the number of toilets available it inadequate and / or you are reprimanded for stopping and using toilets.

The Division will support any member who feels they cannot bring a locomotive into service should they discover that the toilet facilities are unfit for use or unhygienic.

The PN Bulk will confirm in writing that they will be issuing all female employees with individual kits for the disposal of hygiene products.