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Railtrain underpayment case update

Oct 22, 2019Railtrain

RTBU Railtrain Members have been asking what’s going on with the underpayment court case.

The RTBU (on behalf of its Members) is running this case against Railtrain AND three of its Managers.

Railtrain are arguing that the three Managers should not be included in the case.

Therefore, an interlocutory hearing (a type of small fast hearing) has been held to decide whether those Managers should be Defendants or not. Although the RTBU has already filed evidence, Railtrain is not filing evidence to protect the three managers until a decision is made on the interlocutory hearing which we should receive early next month.

Once the interlocutory decision is made, if in the RTBU’s favour, a court date will be set for the main hearing unless Railtrain tries to appeal. So far they have tried to put up every obstacle possible to slow down or stop this proceeding.

As Members would be aware, court proceedings take time and the RTBU nor Railtrain has any capacity to rush or change timeframes around this process.

RTBU Railtrain Members will be kept updated with any new information.

If you have any questions or queries, please call the RTBU National Office on (02) 8203 6099.

Click here to download the full update.