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Railtrain Underpayment Case Update

Dec 19, 2019Update

Recently, the Interlocutory Hearing (a type of small, fast hearing) was held to determine whether the RTBU could pursue the three Railtrain Managers as well as the company itself for the underpayment case.

Railtrain armed up through their barrister and union-busting law firm and used every technicality in the book to get the three managers removed from the application. Unfortunately, the court found in their favour and it seems that appealing that decision is unlikely to succeed.

Rest assured, however, the RTBU can and will continue pursue Railtrain itself and there is nothing stopping us from doing this.

Although we originally had dates set down for the final hearing in early March 2020, Railtrain’s barrister had forgot to tell the court that he had another hearing that week. Although this is very unprofessional, it is simply an error and the court has moved the final hearing to 13-20 July 2020. It usually takes a few months after the hearing to get the final decision.

We will keep you updated if anything changes.

If you have any questions or queries, please call the RTBU National Office on (02) 8203 6099.

Click here to download the complete update.

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