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RailCorp Crew Reform Update

Jul 26, 2011Update

RailCorp has advised the division that they are seeking to implement a number of items that would impact on Loco Division members employed by RailCorp.

RailCorp asked for consultation on three initial items: Sectorisation; Sign On / Sign Off; and Travel / Excess Travel (Foreign Depot Working).

In a presentation by RailCorp on July 19 the details of these items were briefly explained, but the union disputes RailCorp’s view that this was a ‘consultative meeting’ and also disputes the inferred view that there has been any ‘agreement’ between the union and RailCorp to implement these changes.

The 2010 EA is clear that any proposed changes that impact rates of pay or conditions of employment require agreement, and that any such changes also require the approval of a majority of affected employees.

At the briefing RailCorp advised that they were pursuing these items as a managerial prerogative and that they did not believe that any of the proposed items change any conditions of employment or rates of pay, and therefore do not require agreement.

The Division has asked RailCorp to provide a list of all current work practices that will be affected by the changes in order to investigate whether they affect pay and conditions of employment.

This information will be provided by RailCorp within two weeks and, when delegates have had time to review the information, a follow-up meeting will be arranged.

Members will be kept informed of the situation. The division welcomes feedback from members and will be guided on these issues by their response.