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RailCorp backs down on maintainance proposals

May 13, 2012Update

The RTBU can now announce that RailCorp has dropped its attempt to have medically restricted drivers perform shed and wash rosters within maintenance centers.

Members are reminded that this proposal formed one portion of RailCorp’s reform proposals for Maintenance Center working.

The amalgamation of individual Shed and Wash diagrams into just Shed/Wash diagrams will now occur within the new diagrams for the June timetable changes.This will have no effect on the numbers of Shed/Wash diagrams currently applied to rosters.

The proposal to change Exchange Car working to incorporate some “in service running” will also occur within the new June diagrams.

Members are again reminded to apply their Award provisions for crib breaks, hours of work limitations etc. when working these diagrams.

It should be noted that RailCorp intend to continue to push for drivers who are “off roster” for safeworking incidents (i.e. SPAD’s) to undertake Shed and Wash jobs within Maintenance Centers. Further meetings will be held in regards to this proposal.