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QUBE Members Enterprise Agreement Update 

Mar 31, 2023QUBE Update

 Following the overwhelming “NO” vote for QUBE’s inferior Enterprise Agreement, your bargaining representatives met with QUBE management on Wednesday to continue negotiating an Enterprise Agreement that you deserve. Your negotiating team went into the meeting fully prepared to bargain. However, management has continued to play hardball, saying that 4% per year is all they could offer, and they wanted to know what other EA items could be discussed. As you are fully aware, QUBE has already said “NO” to 99% of your Log of Claims, and they have maintained this line throughout bargaining meetings. With that in mind, it was very difficult to see how progress could be made without QUBE making significant concessions. Management continued to refuse all attempts to negotiate properly, while accusing your negotiating team of not bargaining in good faith. 

Things were going nowhere in a hurry, so in a last-ditch effort to get you an interim agreement, your EA delegate team proposed the following: 

  • • 12-month agreement 
  • • 8% pay increase, also backdated to 1 April 2023 
  • • Working rosters out by 1600hrs Thursday or the first rostered shift will be at standalone overtime rates, 
  • • Available days – if rostered more than 32 hours in a week, then no Available Days 
  • • Negotiations to continue during the 12 months for all other outstanding claims 

This is the first time that QUBE did not outrightly reject a proposal. Instead, they promised to take that proposal to senior management and have set up a meeting for next Wednesday to respond. Stay tuned for next week’s response. 

Download the Newsflash here.