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QUBE Enterprise Agreement Update: VOTE NO!

Oct 25, 2019Update

QUBE have finally put their Agreement out to be voted on by employees which have not been endorsed by your NSW RTBU Locomotive Division Delegate Enterprise Agreement bargaining team.

Voting will be conducted by “CorpVote” and will be open for only 3 days commencing on Wednesday 30th October at 6am and concluding at 6pm on Friday 1st November 2019. Members have made it clear that the proposed Enterprise Agreement terms and conditions are mediocre at best. The NSW RTBU Locomotive Division and your elected Delegates have therefore decided that we cannot, in good faith, support the proposed Agreement in its current form. We are therefore encouraging that all members vote NO to the proposed Agreement.

This is a 2 year agreement from certification by Fair Work Australia if approved with only a 2% pay increase per year on offer. While there have been discussions surrounding back pay, QUBE management has stated that if you vote down the agreement, they will indeed remove any chance of Back Pay. QUBE just want you to vote yes to lesser conditions and pay. It also means that QUBE are making more money by not giving you a pay increase which was due in April 2019. That’s over 6 months of your pay that QUBE will keep.

QUBE employees are some of the lowest paid workers within the rail Industry, while QUBE’s Managing Director is earning over $4 million per year. QUBE’s Managing Director has been quoted in saying “Our people are our strongest asset” It’s time for you to stand up, vote NO, and show just how strong of an asset you really are.

It’s not just the pay increase, there are other conditions such as removal of accumulation of Annual Leave, QUBE’s ability to dock your pay if you don’t give the required resignation notice, Blank Day sick leave requires a medical certificate, no standalone payments for travel to a temporary location, QUBE can also roster you work a service to and from a temporary location without standalone payments, removal of defining forecast and Blankline rosters, and more sign on locations for Sydney Train Crews just to name a few. Currently QUBE can’t provide adequate basic facilities like a meal room, lockers, showers, notice boards etc, but QUBE expect you to travel all over Sydney like a travelling Gypsy.

It’s time for everyone to stand up, vote NO, and show QUBE Management that you are very concerned about eroding your current and future conditions and pay.

If the Enterprise Agreement is voted down, we will be in a position to file in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) for an order that will allow us to take protected industrial action. If you are not sure if the home address that you have listed with QUBE matches the one on the RTBU membership system, please get in touch with the Union on 02 9264 3400. Remember: if you are not a member of the RTBU or if your address with QUBE does not match the address on the RTBU system, then you will not be able to vote in any protected action ballot that is sent out by the FWC nor take any protected action with your fellow Union workmates.

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