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QUBE Enterprise Agreement Update

Jul 3, 2020Update

Over the last few days, delegates and the NSW Locomotive Division have continued to negotiate with QUBE over the previous pay offer that was tabled on the 4th June 2020.

QUBE have since reconsidered their position to include the following as the latest offer.

  • 6% from 1st May 2020
  • 3.5% from 1st April 2021
  • 3.5% from 1st April 2022

While the new offer does include some backpay, there is still 13 months where you have not received a pay increase, even though you have continued to work professionally during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, through drought and devastating bush fires. QUBE are using these as an excuse to not give you back pay. QUBE are refusing back pay from 1st April 2019, so that means you have not received a pay increase since April 2018.

Before you consider your vote, some facts from the financial year FY18 to FY19 where members did not receive a pay increase. The Managing Director and other senior managers did not have the same problems gouging out pay increases in the vicinity of 70% for the year.

On top of this, QUBE has announced that it has exchanged 2 lease agreements and 2 development Management Agreements with the Woolworths Group to develop new major warehousing across 26 hectares at the Moorebank Logistics Park, the largest intermodal precinct in Australia. When fully functional, QUBE is expected to have revenue of approximately $30 million per annum. Both leases are on initial 20-year terms with 6 & 5-year options. This will produce a minimum revenue for Moorebank of over $600 million for the 20-year term.

Underlying revenue is up 12.9% to $970.1 million and underlying NPATA (Net Profit after Tax & Amortization) up 5.1% to $76.3 million. Reasonable earnings growth despite economic headwinds, (drought, fire and Covid-19) reflecting QUBE’s diversified earnings base. Major contracts signed with Shell Australia and BlueScope Steel supporting medium term growth.

We have been advised that the EA will be sent out on the 7th July 2020 to members / employees and voting will commence on the 15th July 2020 at 12pm and close on the 17th July 2020 at 6pm. Qube has engaged “Corp Vote” to conduct the voting process which is the same voting company that has previously been used. We encourage all members to vote and we support any decision that is made by members. Contact delegates or head office if more information is needed.

If the agreement does get voted down for a third time, there will be no other option than to start the process for protected industrial action in support of your claim.

Click here to download the complete newsflash.