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QUBE Enterprise Agreement Update

Nov 28, 2019QUBE Update

After an overwhelming rejection of the company’s proposed Enterprise Agreement (EA) of 101 to 8 in early November 2019, your EA negotiating team met with QUBE management yesterday in an effort to get the improved agreement you deserve. 

Members and delegates raised a number of items that were previously handed to QUBE Management on the 13 November 2019 for discussion in yesterday’s meeting. While we made some progress, it was disappointing that QUBE had not given full consideration to all the below items, nor have they given us a response for you to consider. 

  • Pay Increase 8% (8% per annum was flatly refused but there was an acknowledgment that the previous offer was well below par). 
  • Back Pay to the 1st April 2019 (this is as long as protected industrial action doesn’t take place) 
  • Sunset Clause (potentially off the table depending on final pay package) 
  • Overtime rate at 1.8 (Qube looking at that in conjunction with pay increase) 
  • 20% Annual Leave loading (No) 
  • Cert 4 in Locomotive Driving for all Level 4’s and above (taken on advisement, company is looking into what will be required to obtain the Cert 4 and advise) 
  • Local Shifts 8 hours (No to remain as is) 
  • Superannuation to match IRA, if not matched some sort of loading for non IRA employees ( All forms of pay equity were rejected , either through raising super or loading as it would cost the business money) 
  • Private Health Insurance (No – there is a corporate arrangement that Medibank will offer a discount to QUBE employees) 
  • 1 hour meal breaks (No) 
  • Weekly cycle Vs Fortnight cycle (Delegates came together to agree to leave it fortnightly for this EA) 
  • Overtime for non cab conditions (No, but a somewhat productive conversation was had about cab conditions. Crews are reminded that raw sewerage is not a condition that they are expected to handle when employed to drive locomotives and management accepts that) 
  • Novated lease plan (No, but this will be a corporate decision if it occurs that will sit outside of the EA) 
  • Clause 35.2 (b)(c) to be put in the Change of Shift clause (Yes) 
  • Car travel to and from Temporary Transfer location. Normal payments towards Duty Cycle (RDO payments if agreed to travel on RDO) (This clause mainly a sticking point for Dubbo, compromise on the Cobar service agreed upon) 
  • Sydney Multiple Sign on Locations – not acceptable. Need 1 sign on location with proper facilities (Taken with a “let’s see” attitude, many options were brought up, many options refused. Qube have agreed to a process where management, members and your Union will review all Sydney sites with our view being that if they don’t meet the required standard, then it shouldn’t be a Sign On/Off location.) 
  • Public Holiday Clause 21.6 and 21.7 proper rate (Typo yes) 

Next Steps 

Qube have stated that they will make a revised offer, which includes a pay increase for each year, the overtime rate and the term of the Enterprise Agreement (either for 2 or 3 years) by the 6th December 2019. This offer will then be conveyed to you for consideration over the Xmas period. The next proposed meeting is scheduled for 7 January 2020. 

While we are in a position to apply for a protected action ballot, we will wait for the company’s proposed wage offer. If the offer from the company is unacceptable to you, the negotiating team will be seeking from you what type of potential actions you would be willing to take. 

If we need to file for an order for Protected Industrial Action with the Fair Work Commission, it is very important that you are a financial member of the RTBU, and that your current address details are the same with the RTBU and QUBE. If you are not sure if the home address that you have listed with QUBE matches the one on the RTBU membership system, please get in touch with the NSW RTBU Head Office on 02 9264 2511 or 02 9264 3400 

Remember: if you are not a member of the RTBU or if your address with QUBE does not match the address on the RTBU system, then you will not be able to vote in any protected action ballot. 

Not a member? Then join today! This is this best opportunity for everyone to become an RTBU Locomotive Division member to achieve the best possible outcome for your Enterprise Agreement. If you have any questions, please contact your local Delegate or the RTBU Head Office on (02) 9264 3400 

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