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QUBE Enterprise Agreement gets voted down – again!

Mar 6, 2020QUBE Update

 Members have had their say by voting down QUBE’s proposed Enterprise Agreement AGAIN. The vote went down by 55 to 53 with 7 members/employees not voting. 

Soon after notification of the vote, the NSW Locomotive Division had a phone hook up with your Enterprise Agreement negotiating team and agreed to put a wage offer back to QUBE. This offer included a 3.5% pay increase for each year of the 3-year agreement. This was submitted to QUBE, via email, on the 18th February 2020. 

The NSW Locomotive Division contacted QUBE last Monday (24th February 2020) with QUBE responding: “that they have received the proposed offer and are working on figures and approval”. 

On Friday 28th February 2020, QUBE Management responded with a counter offer of a 4 year agreement with pay increases of 3% for years 1 and 2 and 3.5% for years 3 and 4. The offer from QUBE also includes back pay from the 1st April 2019 until it is ratified by the Fair Work Commission. 

Your negotiating team has discussed the offer at great length and while the full agreement is not completely resolved, they have decided to accept the offer for you to vote on. 

The draft Enterprise Agreement has been updated to reflect the proposed offer from QUBE and all parties are currently reviewing the document. QUBE have advised that once complete, they will be engaging external company “Corp Vote” for you to have your say on the latest proposed Enterprise Agreement. 

In regards to the Sydney Depot’s, the NSW Locomotive Division is working closely with the RTBU National WHS Coordinator to obtain dates and times to submit to QUBE for inspections on all Sydney Depots. We will also be requesting the release of the Sydney Delegate when the inspections take place. 

Not a member? Then join today! This is this best opportunity for everyone to become an RTBU Locomotive Division member to achieve the best possible outcome for your Enterprise Agreement. If you have any questions, please contact your local Delegate or the RTBU Head Office on (02) 9264 3400. 

Click here to download the Newsflash.