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Put Wednesday 4 March in your diary

Feb 13, 2015Update

Wednesday 4 March is going to be big. Workers are holding a National Day of Action to show the Coalition government exactly what we want from our leaders.

When the ACTU asked Australians what they thought about the current direction of Australia, there was a huge response.

43,000 told the ACTU that they are worried about rights at work and living standards, and are deeply dissatisfied with the Coalition government’s policies and the direction they are taking Australia.

Workers said they want an Australia where our employers and all governments commit to:

– Respect workers’ rights to a strong minimum wage, penalty rates and representation in the work place;

– Support the creation of good secure employment where, for example, all workers whether casual, part-time or fulltime, have rights;

– Support Medicare, our free and universal health system. We do not want to Americanise our health care system

– Support high quality, accessible and affordable education for all, not $100,000 degrees and a gutted TAFE system

– Ensure we all have dignity when we retire through superannuation and a pension safety net

– Support our public services and stop privatising our assets

– Support for the least fortunate in our communities

– Ensure everyone pays their fair share of tax, especially corporations and those doing well

It’s important as many people as possible get involved on Wednesday 4 March because the bigger the crowd, the stronger the message we’ll send.

Click here to register your interest in heading along to your local National Day of Action and for more information.