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Public trains once again proven to be more efficient than private trains

Jan 30, 2020Update

Privatisation does not work as Melbourne’s train data reveals. Adelaide’s public transport system is said to have worked better than Melbourne’s privatised system last year according to new transport data.

As members may be aware, Adelaide’s trains and trams are being privatised and as the data has revealed, on their way to becoming inferior services.

Adelaide’s trains are currently running on time 97% of the time compared to Melbourne’s private network at 90%. This change means that Adelaide commuters are getting on services which will be on time on almost every journey whereas Melbourne commuters are being shortchanged.

Adelaide’s trams are also running as per their schedule almost 96% of the time whereas Melbourne trams are at a low 82.7%.

“We know private companies don’t have the best interests of commuters in mind. They’re in it for the profit. We can see that the NSW Government is looking towards privatisation and clearly not understanding the facts,” said RTBU NSW Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden.

“We hope that they can take away from these statistics as they fling money at driverless metros and privatise our buses.”

Click here to read more from the Daily Telegraph, however, please note that this article is behind a paywall.