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Public holiday rip off

Oct 13, 2011Update

During the October long weekend RailCorp saw fit (again) to book off all drivers on the October 3 public holiday at Blacktown and Richmond ETR depots. This was not noticed until the period roster was posted.

This was challenged by the drivers of both depots under the EA 2010, with a notice of dispute as per the dispute settlement procedure and consultation provisions.

RailCorp then made the appropriate changes to the period roster, adding the jobs to the driver’s lines of work who were supposed to work on this day. This was done without consultation or response to the notice of dispute or correspondence since.

Drivers received what was their legal entitlement under our working conditions and the Loco Division thanks all those drivers who showed a concern and reported the issue.

This is the third time RailCorp have attempted this (during current train crew reform negotiations). It is part of the constant attack on the driver group from RailCorp, which wants change the way we conduct our work and try to erode our conditions of employment / rostering and working arrangements.