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Proposed CityRail drivers’ uniform update: Have your say

Dec 13, 2011Update

The RTBU Locomotive Division has been in consultation with RailCorp for a new uniform to be provided for cityrail drivers for quite some time.

After exhaustive and protracted meetings and site visits, various uniform items have been provided for trialling and viewing.

A report was tabled at ICDC and ETDC by the RTBULD Uniform Committee representatives with a recommendation that the proposed uniform be accepted for supply to Cityrail drivers;

  • charcoal trousers/shorts in pleated and cargo style
  • black jumpers and woollen vests

These are to be added to the previously agreed too Black Melton jacket agreed to previously.

ICDC/ETDC directed the RTBULD Uniform Committee representatives to meet with RailCorp to agree to commence manufacture and supply the above items. (Date of supply to be confirmed)

Following unsuccessful trials of various shirt styles and colours, the Committee Representatives visited Pacific Brands and sourced two shirts for selected drivers (Chantal Campbell, Andrew Holt, John Aquilina, Stephen Harper, Shan Rathinam and Keith McMahon) for members viewing in the workplace, via the attached photos and a RailCorp train crew information bulletin.

Members are invited to provide feedback on the two options displayed via the link below.

Correspondence has been sent to RailCorp regarding the option of polo shirts to be included in the uniform provision. No response has been received to this date.

The RTBULD Committee Representatives are Chantal Campbell, John Aquilina and Paul Foster.