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Promising results for upgraded XPT lights

Nov 19, 2011Update

As part of the review of the standardisation, refurbishment and risk assessment of the XPT Power Cars, the RTBU driver representatives have questioned the adequacy and safety of the current headlight system.

The headlight lenses are difficult to clean because of their location and the restrictive housing around the lenses. The fog/ditch lights are often not focused or have been knocked from focus and therefore don’t illuminate the intended areas, and it’s very difficult to adjust the beam of light. The lights also lack the inability to flash on and off when the horn sounds (level crossings). The current LED marker light clusters are also not bright enough and it can be hard to tell they are lit, especially the red units.

The good news is that results of the tests at XPT Maintenance Centre have showed that the new HID lights provide a sufficient improvement in train visibility and track illumination, which justify further investigations into using these lights for the upgrade of the headlights, fog lights and marker lights.

Further to this information, the upgraded external lights have now been fitted to XPT Power Car XP2004 during the refurbishment project. Static testing has now been completed with trials commencing with Locomotive XP2004.

The following additional advice is being provided for the dynamic trial;

– A notice will be placed inside the cab outlining the details of the upgrade.

– Feedback is being sought and questionnaire sheets will be placed in the cab for drivers to complete.