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Progress at Freightliner

Oct 28, 2014News Update

Progress is being made towards a new Enterprise Agreement at Freightliner.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden and the negotiating committee met with the company this week and have agreed to meet again on the 6th November in an effort to reach agreement on a package which can be taken our to members.

Negotiations at the freight company had stalled with members recently voting to reject a Company proposed Agreement and the FWC approving a Union application to conduct a Protected Industrial Action vote.

Following the rejection of the Company Agreement, agreement was reached between the parties to reopen negotiations in an effort to break the deadlock and work through the outstanding issues.

Whilst quite a number of the outstanding issues have now been resolved the parties remain apart on a number of other issues such as remuneration, term and severance pay.

Bob Hayden said the negotiating committee was working hard to reach agreement on a package which can be taken back to members and the negotiation committee is hopeful an agreed package could be reached at the meeting on the 6th November.

Should agreement not be reached members will be left with no alternative but to consider all options available in an effort to reach agreement.