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PN NSW Coal– Lithgow Depot Members Update

After weeks of pressure and an ongoing dispute, Pacific National Management have finally given members some clarity around their future. The Depot is to be all but closed, in a two phased process that is to be completed by March 31 2022.

Phase 1: Involves reducing numbers to six equivalent full-time roles by March 2021. Employees have been given the choice to transfer to Mudgee or a small number of other NSW depots; alternatively they can apply for voluntary redundancy.

Phase 2: Requires the equivalent of six full time roles (meaning some roles may be part time, casual or full-time) to stay at Lithgow Depot, to train Mudgee crews. The training phase will only continue until March 2022. From March 31 2022, there will be no full time roles at Lithgow depot. From that date, any presence at Lithgow will only be resourced by permanent part-time, casual, labor hire or a combination of these. Management and resourcing of the southwest work will be from the Mudgee Depot.

The RTBU Locomotive Division will continue to discuss with members and their delegate any concerns and ensure Pacific National does everything it is legally required to do, to ensure members are either transitioned into alternate roles or that they receive the redundancy provisions as per their enterprise agreement.

In these difficult times, members also need to be aware of some of the issues that may impact them depending on their final decision/s and as such we are arranging a Zoom meeting with members for Wednesday afternoon. Lithgow Depot members who have not received an invite by this afternoon (Tuesday) should immediately contact their Organiser for further instructions.

Members will be kept informed as matters progress. Any questions should be directed to your Depot Organiser or area Organiser.

Download a copy of the Newsflash here.