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PN: Mobile Phone Update


25 Disputes and over 250 questions raised by members from Depots across the country!

Yesterday the RTBU (Allan Barden, Leanne Holmes, Keith McMahon and Greg Cameron) met with Pacific National (Kate Alam, Brett Lynch, Simon Atkinson, Shannon Roma and Craig Liddie) to progress disputes raised by members.

As a direct result of the pressure you put on management with your questions and feedback, PN were forced to sit down and discuss the issues and take them seriously.

Your RTBU Officials went through your concerns around safety, surveillance, perceived use of data and the “what’s the point” factor.

After an extensive meeting, PN have committed to the following:

  • A company review of their Safety Procedures over the next week
  • A review of the Risk Assessments that they claim have already been conducted (around both devices and apps)
  • An updated Q & A sheet to reinforce that the company will comply with shift limit provisions in the relevant EA’s, Rail Safety Law and Surveillance Legislation
  • The Status Quo remains: – Consultation remains open and there will be no new rollouts
  • Another meeting next Tuesday to review all of the above.

Importantly, it is the RTBU’s position that as the Status Quo remains prior to the dispute being lodged, the use of the app is NOT mandatory.

Yesterday’s meeting forced management to acknowledge that members do have genuine concerns over what has been proposed and to acknowledge that the company has conflicting policies that need review.

We urge all members to continue to raise any questions they have with their managers while consultation remains open.

A further update will be provided after next week’s meeting.


Click here to download the full update.

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