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PN member update

Sep 18, 2020Update

PN Intermodal Train Crew EA 2017

Are you covered by the above EA? Well it’s time to have your say!

A Newsflash and Survey Monkey link have been sent out asking for your opinion on how you’d like to see your EA take shape.

Covid 19 has impacted every part of our lives, and your EA is not exempt from that. If you have not received the NF, ask your local Delegate or contact your Organiser, or click on the following link to go to the survey:


The survey closes on COB Friday the 18th September.

Smart Phones

On Monday the 24th of August PN formally informed Members that the Mandatory Component of the “Driver App” would not proceed and the Consultation on that component was being closed.

RTBU Members will recall that when the decision to make the App mandatory was made back in November 2019, there were serious concerns around the implications of the “Loco On/Loco Off” piece and privacy issues around tracking Drivers whilst the App was activated. Members galvanised around this decision (namely the fact that it hadn’t been consulted on properly) and made huge noise on every level.

Members should be very proud that their efforts have been recognised, and the proper process is now occurring.

PN have now opened a new Consultation window (opened on the 7th of September and will close at 5pm on Monday 21st September).

There are feedback forms attached to the PN Memo as well as a FAQ sheet.

Domestic Violence Leave Policy

On Thursday 10th of September PN opened consultation on the Draft DVL Policy.

The RTBU as a whole believes that a Domestic Violence Leave Clause should be in every Enterprise Agreement.

Unfortunately, Pacific National do not share that view. And whilst Negotiating Teams across all parts of the business have lobbied extremely hard to have a stand-alone DVL Clause included in PN Agreements, a National PN Policy is as close as we can get (for now).

The RTBU welcomes the acknowledgment of Domestic Violence for the scourge that it is and have worked with PN to devise this Draft Policy. 10 days Paid Stand-alone Leave is crucial to allow Members experiencing (or supporting loved ones) through a DV situation.

The Consultation period is open until 5pm Friday the 25th of September. Members are strongly encouraged to read through Policy and ensure it captures the needs of people working in our industry.

Is the Leave adequate? Does the policy include wording that would help you if you were in a DV situation? Or to help you support someone in your life who is in a DV situation? Are the definitions broad enough? Should Delegates and Workplace Champions have specialist “First Contact” training to help guide people in the right direction? And to know how to deal with personal emotions after hearing someone’s story?

Domestic Violence is a workplace issue. With 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men experiencing DV in their lifetime, the chance of being impacted in some way is nearly inevitable. And it does impact your work, either directly or indirectly.

So, get involved and have your say.

R U OK – More Than One Day A Year

Never before have Members been is such strange times, and for some of us,2020 has been a year of stress, anxiety and fear of the unknown.

Living and working under these pressures takes its toll, so it’s more important than ever to ask yourselves and each other, are you ok?

RTBU Members should be extremely proud of how they have kept working to the highest standard whilst a global pandemic is raging around them.

Doing things far beyond their job description to keep those trains moving. Mandatory CV testing every week, being in quarantine Barracks, being unable to see loved ones due to State and Border restrictions, even being prohibited from seeing their kids in hospital because their job put them in a high-risk category.

None of this is normal. But as Essential Workers, you have kept on keeping on. Please, if you aren’t feeling ok, talk to someone.

Talk to your mates, talk to your Organiser, utilise the PN EAP service. And most importantly, know that you most definitely aren’t alone. Your RTBU Family is here for you, always.

Click here to download the full update.